Lina and Leo – In the Biz Community

Just recently a quirky surreal short film that I cut was featured in BizCommunity.

This film was inspired by an Annie Leibovitz portrait of William Burroughs and is about a struggling middle-aged journalist, Leo (Jeroen Kranenburg), who is hot on the trail of a hugely successful, but recluse surrealist artist for his next big story. Known only as “NJ”, the artist clearly doesn’t want to be found and Leo experiences one bizarre thing after another in the strange little town where his search has taken him.

I cut this on Final Cut 7 way back in 2014.

Glad it is still getting traction.

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Paraya – Short Film (2016) goes to TIFF

I am very excited to announce that a short film I cut in Durban last year will have its North American premiere at Toronto International Film Festival in September.

Paraya short is about a troubled young mother that drifts through the bustling city of Durban in search of the disappeared father of her child. Paraya is a stark portrayal of a woman’s attempt to shape her future.

I cut this short film on Final Cut 7

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Working with Hollywood Editor Alan Bell

One of our long standing editors in the New Creation team, Joe Krenzer, has just started working with Hollywood editor, Alan Bell (Green Mile, The Hunger Games) as an Assistant Editor.

Click here for a great article on the inner workings of Alan Bells edit suite while on Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and 2.

We will all miss Joe while he is away for 3 months on this job, and we fear our tears will never dry until he returns.

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New Creation Team Grows

Our New Creation family is growing.

We have the international export Amy Knight, who will joining us in the producing capacity.

We wish to honour our dear friend, Winnie, who has been with us from the beginning. As part of the office administration team. Our family is not complete without her.


Please come a visit us and meet the whole New Creation family

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Easter film and poetry

As 2016 flies by at break – neck speeds, we find ourselves suddenly in the middle of endless public holidays.

This can only mean it is Easter time!

In honour of this very special holiday, here is a visual poetic piece about the God spoken about at Easter time that many put their faith and beliefs in.

With source material from the poet, Sh’maya, animator Dan Stevers enlisted animators from around the world to bring their own style to individual stanzas of the poem.

What we are left with is a beautiful portrayal the creative God who is evident in all He creates.


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This month is Oscar month. As excitement builds to which film and participant will walk away with the coveted little golden man, much debate is being had as to the lack of black nominees. Zero to be precise.

Are this years nominations truly the best in their class? Is the absence of black nominees a pure coincidence or reflection of the hearts of the voters?

Leave your comments below.

In the meantime watch Trevor Noah here as he addresses this issue in a thought provoking yet hilarious way.

The Academy Awards air in South Africa on the 29th February 2016

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Cannes Film Factory

Every once in awhile, a great opportunity comes to edit a short film that has an international reach.

Last year it came in the form of the Cannes Film Factory.
The CFF in association with the KwaZulu Natal Film Commission and the National Film and Video Foundation gave four local directors the opportunity to collaborate with four international directors to create short films what will screen at the Official Cannes Film Festival later this year in May.

I was fortunate enough to edit one of these shorts in Durban last October.

As soon as the film goes live you will be the first to hear of it.

Many thanks for your continual support.


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I had the opportunity to cut the official trailer for the South African Indie Drama “Necktie Youth”.
Cut for the same company behind REALNESS: Ucuru Media.

Director:                       Sibs Shongwe-la Mer.
Production Company: Urucu Media

Synopsis: Haunted by the memory of Emily, a girl who live-streamed her suicide one year ago, Jabz and his best friend September go on a drug-fueled joyride through the affluent suburbs of Johannesburg.

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REALNESS African screenwriter residency

Storytelling has been an African tradition for generations. So one would think the transition from oral to screenplay would be seamless. However, screenwriting is a disciple lacking in South African film industry.

It is encouraging to see companies like Urucu Media investing in African screenwriting talent. A press release from Urucu Media calls for submissions for REALNESS: “A Pan African screenwriter’s residency which aims to provide the continent’s most promising emerging writing talents the necessary time, space and support to develop their unique cinematic vision.”

Investment into African storytelling is needed to finally get our scripts onto the international screens.

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